Don’t take our word for it…

Every time I walked through my garage, I felt drained and overwhelmed at the thought of all the work it would involve to get organized, remove the clutter and really even make a dent in the mess!

Without Terri my car would still be in the driveway, but thanks to her patience, (without judgement) her fast and fun way of working, not to mention, she was so genuine and excited about helping me, it was pretty painless!

Since my garage, Terri has worked on several projects in my house and it has literally changed my life!  I feel the burden has been lifted and I actually like staying organized, she has taught me a lot!

– Ann Garrett,
Dana Point, CA


Terri got me focused and helped me dig out from under.  She was completely non-judgmental, and we actually had fun laughing about ‘Do you really need this?’.  Terri eagerly took my give-aways to consignment and donation centers … out of sight and out of mind. Now I can walk in my walk-in closet.  I whole-heartedly recommend Terri’s services.

 – Messy Miss


Terri saved me from a “sea of disorganization!” I don’t know what I would have done without her! She was ready to work and very focused. We dove right in by my showing her what needed to be cleaned out and organized. There were several closets and cabinets; and then, there was a wall full of cabinets in the garage. I was overwhelmed! But, Terri, calmly said we should begin and focus on one part at a time. She was great about digging right in and sorting things into piles of “to keep” and “to get rid of” (with my help, of course). For the “to get rid of” pile, she was more than willing to take these things either to a consignment shop, second-hand book store, or to Goodwill. Things weren’t done in a day, but I found Terri to be very efficient and conscientious about her time. I would recommend Terri to anyone that needs help with any kind of organization whether it be a home, office, garage, etc. She saved me a lot of time and stress. And, she helped me to learn to let go of things that I really didn’t need in my life and just took up space. Thank you Terri!!!

 – Lindy, Dana Point, CA


Terri I am so proud of you, I can say that you are in the right business .  You were the best roommate  ever ! We shared a room and I was the messy person, you used to make my bed vacuum and fold my clothes be fore I got out off the shower!  I wish you lived here I still need your help and I work on  it eveyday.  Still remember and use the tips you used to tell me .Your the best.

I miss you,  Love Carole


Terri helped create a space free from clutter which has given us peace of mind.  She has helped me let go of things that I thought I could part with!

As a bonus, she also has a great eye for color and design and not only organized but helped redecorate our space.

Thank you Terri!

San Juan Capistrano