Everything Has It’s Place

And if not, we will help you make one.  Let Terri find a creative way to store and organize the things that are most important to you!  Never lose your tools, keys or treasured belongings again.  For all those things you no longer need or use?  We can help you sell them too! We help people downsize, store their memories or just take care of the things you use on a daily basis.  Call us to learn more…

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  1. Carole Bloodsworth

    Terri I am so proud of you,I can say what a perfect thing to share . You are always In my Best of the best Roomate stories .The start out like this .I had the best roomate ever ! we shared a room I was a messy person My roomate used to make my bed Vacume fold my close be fore I got out off the shower ! I wish you lived here I need help But I work.on it eveyday .Still remember the tips you used to tell me .Your the best. I miss you Love Carole