It is my passion to help free people from the clutter, chaos and stress ... Terri
What's Hiding in Your Closet?
About Terri


Terri Hochman of Clutter Free OC is passionate about helping others…

Find freedom from the overwhelming  clutter, distractions and unused items that tend to weigh you down.

She brings her simple outlook and lifestyle to her clients as a natural instinct that she has been fortunate to have since childhood.  At an early age, you could find Terri in her element in closets, cupboards and drawers… finding just the right place for all things, common or not.

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You can work with Clutter Free OC in a variety of ways, all of which make life easier for you!


Getting Started:

We are happy to provide a complimentary phone consultation on the space or job you would like to organize and an estimate to complete the project. Many of our regular clients enjoy our monthly maintenance programs… ask me about it!

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Don’t take our word for it…

Every time I walked through my garage, I felt drained and overwhelmed at the thought of all the work it would involve to get organized, remove the clutter and really even make a dent in the mess!

Without Terri my car would still be in the driveway, but thanks to her patience, (without judgement) her fast and fun way of working, not to mention, she was so genuine and excited about helping me, it was pretty painless!

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